Saturday, September 23, 2006

Back on My Feet

I am finally back to normal after having a laparoscopic surgery done on Sept. 6. The doctor said it would be a 3-day recovery, and here I am, 2 weeks later, finally back to being myself again. They did more than was expected, but they think that the surgery was successful and my husband and I will soon be starting our family. I had some trouble with the pain medication that I was given, and that made the first part of the recovery difficult. It was a hard 2 weeks because I am not used to having to ask people to wait on me and to take care of me. But, I'm back! And now on to the next phase. . .whatever that may bring!

Me, In a Canoe!

So I am updating this very late, but I guess it is better late than never!
On Sept. 4 (Labor Day), my husband and I went to scope out the location of a remote place that I was supposed to dance at the next weekend. It was at YMCA camping retreat that is located at a beautiful lake. Well, it was a beautiful day. Our day actually started out with an unexpected major change in plans, so we thought we'd just spend the day doing something fun and adventurous since our original plans were interrupted. It sure turned out for the better! We decided to rent a canoe and paddle about on the lake for an hour. What a great experience! I hadn't been in a canoe for at least 15 years! I was QUITE anxious when we first got in, but Chris' quiet and supportive demeanor helped soothe me. It only took me about 20 minutes to get comfortable and to get the hang of paddling without dangerously rocking the canoe. We even purposefully grounded ourselves on a little island full of plants so that we could have lunch in the canoe. (I was much too nervous and unbalanced to try to deal with the packed lunch while we were just floating around! It seemed like EVERY little motion set the canoe to rocking again!) The picnic lunch was a lovely experience. We made an agreement to do something outside in the natural world once a week, and to make more adventure in our life. Here's to the great outdoors!