Friday, June 03, 2011

Bubble Baths

It has been some time since I have been able to take a luxurious bath. There just never seems to be time for it. Mornings are not a good time, as there is a lot going on, people sharing the bathrooms, and I like to get things done before MacKenzie gets up. Evenings are not a good time for it because there is dinner to be made, eaten and cleaned up. Mom has to get hooked up to her dialysis machine. Chris has to get his things ready for work the next day and gets his shower or bath. MacKenzie gets her bedtime routine, which often includes a bath. So, where's mine???

Today, I decided it was my turn! MacKenzie got her bath this morning, and fell asleep on the floor of her nursery while she was playing. The bathroom adjoins her room, so I felt comfortable taking a bath during her naptime. Normally, I have so many things to do while she isn't underfoot, that I don't take the time to do much more than a shower at nap time. Today was different. We are taking a "down time" day. Just playing, being silly, and relaxing together. So far, so good!

I got my bath all cold water, just hot. I lit some candles and brought my dime store novel in to the bathroom. I also brought the baby monitor in- just in case. I sank down in the bubbles (yes, I used MacKenzie's "Mr. Bubble" bath stuff! I refrained from using her bath water colors though!) and felt the hot water do its magic. I read until I was so warm I thought I might pass out, then finished up by washing my hair with baby shampoo and rinsing off. My bath wasn't as playful and silly as MacKenzie's , but it sure was just what I needed!

I decided it was time for me to take care of myself the same way I take care of my child. I feed her good, fresh food (well, most of the time!) instead of pre-packaged stuff. I let her play in water almost every day. She can color outside of the lines every time she picks up a crayon or chalk. She explores every environment she is in, even the ones that aren't new to her. I dress her in pretty clothes that I let her get dirty in. She can nap whenever and wherever she wants to. I let her read on her own, and I never say no if she wants to sit on my lap and have me read to her. I never say no to hugs and kisses. I take care of her hurts as best as I can, and I provide a safe environment for her to grow in.

I imagine if I were to do all of those things (maybe not the napping whenever and wherever...that might not be so safe for MacKenzie!) for myself...I might start to see some more growth in myself, and maybe some reduction in this extra weight I have gained.

Thank you to my dear daughter for giving me the inspiration I have needed! Sleep well, MacKenzie...enjoy that nap under your window with the Spring breeze blowing gently through. I hope you remember that feeling fondly, as I do from my own childhood. I often think about naps on my mother's bed in the room under the huge maple tree that cooled Summer afternoons and ushered a breeze through window screens that sent the sheer curtains billowing over my head. I hope your nap is as good as those Summer naps I remember!